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Equine Mortality:

Full Equine Mortality coverage is provided for death as a result of injury, illness, humane destruction, and transportation anywhere in the continental U.S.A. or Canada (optional worldwide territories are available) and includes loss or death of the insured horse as a result of theft. The premium rate is simply based on the horse’s use, breed, and age.

With certain equine insurance carriers, a Full Equine Mortality policy also includes at no extra charge:

Full Mortality coverage for your horse may be bound upon receipt of a completed and signed application and health statement (see below link). Please fax or email us your forms to begin coverage. This is acceptable for horses valued at $100,000 or less, with no medical incidents in the previous twelve months, ages 31 days through 15 years old. For horses valued over $100,000, those injured in the previous twelve months, or not within the age restrictions, a veterinarian must complete an exam along with your application and statement of health (see below for veterinary exam form).

Download Veterinary Exam (Not needed for all submissions, please call your agent to see if required)



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Mortality Endorsements

  1. Major Medical & Surgical
  2. Surgical Only
  3. Loss of Use including Economic Destruction
  4. Loss of Use - External Injury
  5. Air Transport/Overseas Territory Extension
  6. Stallion Infertility

Major Medical & Surgical:

Coverage is provided for the cost of equine medical and surgical procedures performed by a veterinarian, including diagnosis as a result of accident, illness or disease. Major medical and surgical coverage is available for horses 31 days through 20 years of age. Annual aggregate limits range from $7,500 - $15,000 per occurrence, with deductibles of $250 - $325. Cost per horse begins at $240 - $475.

Surgical Only:

Should your insured horse require surgery, this endorsement will cover specified costs. Companies will pay reasonable and customary charges for surgical treatment (including anesthesia) necessitated by accident, injury or illness. In addition to the surgical fees, they will pay up to 35% of the veterinary fees for hospitalization, X-rays, medication and lab tests that are necessitated as a result of the surgery. Cost is $150 additional with coverage limits of up to $10,000.

Loss of Use including Economic Destruction:
(only applies to horses valued at $25,000 or more)

If your performance horse (12 years and under) becomes totally and permanently incapable of fulfilling the functions for which it is used, as stated on your policy, but its condition does not necessitate destruction for humane reasons, you may suffer a financial loss. The Loss of Use extension will pay you 50% of the animal's value if you elect to keep your horse, or may pay you up to 75% if the company takes possession of the animal or the animal is destroyed. (Full X-ray reports and soundness exams are required for approval at the inception of this endorsement.)

Loss of Use - External Injury:

This coverage provides that in the event your horse is permanently no longer able to perform its insured function as a result of a visible, external, accidental and violent-means injury, you will be paid up to 50% of the insured value under the mortality policy. Available for horses ages 1 - 17 years, for select uses.

Air Transit / Extended Territorial Limits:

Full Equine Mortality coverage may be extended to include international transportation to and from other approved countries. Please contact an Equisport agent for eligibility requirements and pricing. Prior notification of transit must be given before coverage will be extended.

Stallion Infertility for Accident, Sickness & Disease:

This covers your breeding stallion if he should become infertile due to an accident, sickness or disease up to 100% of his value. You may add this to your equine mortality policy for all breeding stallions that are not in their first breeding season. Please contact your Equisport agent for a quote and eligibility requirements.

The coverages described above are summarized and subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions printed in the policy. Refer to the policy form for specifics on coverages and limits. Also, all coverages are subject to state law, which may vary materially from stated information.